Boys meet Girl, and some other people meet her too!

So this is going to be a picture post, which I'm sure you're all grateful for! I'm not sure in which order these will come out, hopefully how I want them, I'm not very computer able. Anyway, I'll say that the boys absolutly adore their little sister! They have all been the best helpers with her and kiss her about a million times a day, get overprotective when she cries, argue over who gets to hold her and take he diapers to the trash, and tell me several times a day how cute she looks, how beautiful she is, and how much they love her! Our other friends and family members love her too!!


Never Too Late!

Here it is, the official post of the birth of our daughter Ava Grace Archibald! Well lets get the little deets out of the way since it's been a while since my last post. Well pregnancy with Ava equalled sucknancy, but that is pretty normal for me. Barfed my guts out ALL NINE MONTHS- check! Had oodles of kidney stones- check! Pre-term labor- check! Have to get IVs shoved in arm to re-hydrate dehydrated body- check! Spend several nights in hospital to monitor both baby and mama because of some seriously scary shiz that goes on- check! Have baby scarily early- not so much(which yes I realize is a good thing, but being in labor for the last month and a half I was pregnant is NOT my idea of a good time!) So to make a LONG pregnancy short, pregnancy-6, Nanci-0. Honestly, it wasn't all bad, like the day we found out that our sweet Ava was a girl, AWESOME! The first time I felt her move, SWEET! The first time she hicupped-WIERD as always, but cool at the same time! I really did handle most of it very well, the one thing that wasn't awesome at.all. was being in labor for the last month+ of my pregnancy and not being allowed to have my baby! It was a miserable time of contractions every 3-5 minutes apart for FOREVER!!!! But the evening she finally did come was one of the most intense and incredible nights ever! To start off I think it's funny when people say things to me like "oh, you FINALLY got your girl!", or "so, did you have babies until you got your girl?", or my favorite "if this is a boy are you going to try again for a girl?" My answer to all of them you may wonder...It doesn't or won't matter if this baby is another boy or if it ends up being a girl, I am done done done!!! Never ever willingly being pregnant AGAIN!!!! Haha! But seriously, I'm not! So, it just happened to make the prospect of having a 4th child a little sweeter and new to find out we were not in fact going to be a family of 5 guys and me! Although I do kind of feel a little sorry for Ava seeing how overprotective her brothers already are, I really fear for any guys she may date in the future! But I digress... So there I was laying in my hospital bed just an hour and a half after I got to the hospital to be induced, and to my utter amazement I am in full blown, teeth clenching, tear enducing, toe curling, I wanna punch someone in the face labor! It was the weirdest feeling to be equal parts excited, and terrified because I was in the most pain I've ever experienced in my life, and trust me, that's sayin something!! Yes, I am a total wuss, and opted for the epidural even though I was progressing so fast I could have had her drug free. Dude, I have serious respect for you women who have your babes all natural cause there was no friggin way I was doing it if I had any kind of choice in the matter...and then it seemed like all of the sudden I was holding my sweet baby girl. I'll tell you true, my mind had been in an utter state of shock, terror, and worry about having a little girl, but there she was and she was mine, and I knew her. Sometimes I think I was crazy to want to willing subject myself to pregnany again especially after the very scary thing that I endured in the past, but when I looked at my sweet little girl for the first time, I knew her, and I knew I'd been waiting for her. So without further ado, here she is, our sweet Ava Grace all 7lbs 1oz, 22in of her adorable-ness for your viewing pleasure!