My baby is potty trained, 16 weeks, and Wyatt and Mama's BEST.DATE.EVER.!!!!

It has been rather busy around here at our home! First things first, Garrett is potty trained!!!!! Yahooza! I cannot even express how freakin excited about it I am! I know however that without Ryan's paitience it would have NEVER been achived! I hate to say it, but I lack any type of patience while pregnant! Ry helped out in a super big way on the seemingly only "rough" day, and I took it from there! It'll probably be another week or so before I feel totally confident, but he's there, it's me who is mega paranoid. He's growing up SO fast, but at least I won't have to change two sets of diapers when our new little bundle makes his appearance! That totally sucked big time doing it with Wyatt and Garrett! So yay Garrett! We are SO proud of you!

Next on our list of busy weeks, I have offically made it to 16 weeks pregnant! Yay me! I have at points thought I was going to die, and even wished it, but here we are! It was an awesome consolation prize that we got to find out what our baby's gender was a few weeks early! I guess that's what the deathly ill pregnant women get! It's nice to have survived though! I am still really sick, but getting used to it, so it's not as bad. So here you are with a nice little prego pic sneak peak while I'm still cute, and not gianormously huge and miserable during the summer heat!

And lastly....I decided that Wyatt and I needed a little mommy big boy time, so we went to Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D! It was really cute and funny! Wyatt especially loved the 3D! I'll admit it gave me a little motion sickness after a while, but it was so much fun! We started off putting on some snazzy clothes, and then to my suprise Wyatt had flowers for me(with a little help from his daddy)! It was SO cute! He came up to me with the roses and said "mommy will you go on a date with me?" How could I refuse such an adorable request?! Then we took some cute pics to document the occasion, went to the movie, and then out to lunch! At the conclusion of our date he looks at me and says "mommy, this was the BEST.DATE.EVER.!" Brought a little tear to my eye! He's just getting to be such a big boy! How blessed am I?! I just love all the boys in my life, big, medium, small, and still baking!


The verdict is in!!!!

SO I just thought all y'all in blog land would like to know that we are having another bouncing baby BOY!!!!!! I'm am SO excited! I kinda always thought he would be a he, but now it's nice to know for sure! He's also started kicking me like crazy which makes Ryan a tinge jealous because he can't feel it yet, and keeps asking when he'll be able to! I feel his pain it would drive me nuts if I was the one who had to wait! Anyway we are all just too ecstatic for many other word than that, so WELCOME our new sweet little bundle, you are already SO loved!


My Wyatt the cutest ever!

So I thought I'd just brag a little bit about how stinkin cute Wyatt is! On Sunday he bore his testimony for the first time! He's gone up with Ryan a few times, but never wanted to talk in front of all those people, but he finally did it! I was one proud mama! I started crying like a little baby, and Ryan laughed at me, he thought it was hilarious. I'd like to say it is because I'm pregnant, but I'm just one proud mama!


Garrett's Birthday Bash Extravaganza!!!!!

So Garrett's 2nd birthday was a big hit! We opted to rent a hotel room for the night and had everyone come over and eat cake in our room and swim in the pool! Garrett thought it was the coolest thing EVER! He ate way too much cake, swam hard, and loved all his presents! Thanks so much for all who came, and for the gifts! You all truly made it a special day for him! Sorry, I realize that these pictures are a little out of order, and you'd think that after almost 4 years of having this blog I'd have figured it out already, but I haven't so there you go, out of order pictures and all!