Wyatt's 1st soccer practice!

So here are some pics from Wyatt's 1st ever soccer practice! It was seriously one of the cutest things I have EVER witnessed! So funny to watch a handful of 4 year olds and one 5 year old playing soccer! Ryan and his best friend Dave are the coaches for the team and so that means that Wyatt and his best buddy Brysin are on the same team! Garrett is definitely having big brother sports envy at the moment, and wanted to play with the big boys SO bad! It is going to be such a challenge that he has to wait 2 more years before he can play any sport at all! I have a feeling he is going to drive me nuts!!! Such a cute thing to watch! I can't wait for their first game!!!


Wyatt's 4th Birthday!!!!!

Well I have a lot more pictures, but I think I'm going to upload them to my facebook, so if you want to see them all you'll have to check there! Anyway, on Saturday we had an all blow-out pirate bash complete with treasure, swords, and scurvy dogs!!! We ended up with pirate cupcakes because about an hour before the party started as I was just finishing up the pirate ship cake I was making it decided to pull a shipwreck and break in half. It was just SO hot in our house and the frosting was too warm and melty, and before I could get it into the fridge it melted too much and fell in half! I was really stressing out because I had to run to Walmart, and get the makings for the cupcakes and just as our guests were arriving I was putting the finishing touches on the cupcakes. After that everything went as smoothly as is can with a bunch of kids under the age of 4!!!! They all had such a great time, and Wyatt LOVED everything he got and was SO glad all his friends and cousins could come! Thanks for making Wyatt's birthday SO special, he is SUCH a special boy and we are SO grateful Heavenly Father sent him to our home. Here are a few little tidbits about our oldest joy:

-He loves to read
-He can write his name
-He loves to help mommy do chores around the house
-His favorite cartoon is Super Wy! on PBS
-Whenever Garrett is sad and crying he sings to him to make him feel better
-He loves to watch musicals with his mommy
-He is starting soccer this year
-He really wanted a baby sister this time, but told me it's ok that we're having another boy cause he can teach him how to pee on the grass outside!
-He loves to ride horses with his Grandpa Allen, and ride 4wheelers with his Grandpa Archibald!!
-He is my very sensitive little tender heart and gets his feelings hurt very easily
-He loves to cook
-As of right now he told me he NEVER wants to go to kindergarten! Ha! We'll see how that one works out for him!
-He is the biggest momma's boy I have EVER seen! And I revel in it! Secretly of course! ;)
-He looks exactly like his daddy, but acts just like him mommy!
-He LOVES transformers!
-He is a true blue Cowboys fan because his daddy is!

Happy 4th Birthday Wyatt! I hope we made it as special for you as you are to us! We love you SO much and thank our Father in Heaven every day for your sweet spirit!