Boys meet Girl, and some other people meet her too!

So this is going to be a picture post, which I'm sure you're all grateful for! I'm not sure in which order these will come out, hopefully how I want them, I'm not very computer able. Anyway, I'll say that the boys absolutly adore their little sister! They have all been the best helpers with her and kiss her about a million times a day, get overprotective when she cries, argue over who gets to hold her and take he diapers to the trash, and tell me several times a day how cute she looks, how beautiful she is, and how much they love her! Our other friends and family members love her too!!


Never Too Late!

Here it is, the official post of the birth of our daughter Ava Grace Archibald! Well lets get the little deets out of the way since it's been a while since my last post. Well pregnancy with Ava equalled sucknancy, but that is pretty normal for me. Barfed my guts out ALL NINE MONTHS- check! Had oodles of kidney stones- check! Pre-term labor- check! Have to get IVs shoved in arm to re-hydrate dehydrated body- check! Spend several nights in hospital to monitor both baby and mama because of some seriously scary shiz that goes on- check! Have baby scarily early- not so much(which yes I realize is a good thing, but being in labor for the last month and a half I was pregnant is NOT my idea of a good time!) So to make a LONG pregnancy short, pregnancy-6, Nanci-0. Honestly, it wasn't all bad, like the day we found out that our sweet Ava was a girl, AWESOME! The first time I felt her move, SWEET! The first time she hicupped-WIERD as always, but cool at the same time! I really did handle most of it very well, the one thing that wasn't awesome at.all. was being in labor for the last month+ of my pregnancy and not being allowed to have my baby! It was a miserable time of contractions every 3-5 minutes apart for FOREVER!!!! But the evening she finally did come was one of the most intense and incredible nights ever! To start off I think it's funny when people say things to me like "oh, you FINALLY got your girl!", or "so, did you have babies until you got your girl?", or my favorite "if this is a boy are you going to try again for a girl?" My answer to all of them you may wonder...It doesn't or won't matter if this baby is another boy or if it ends up being a girl, I am done done done!!! Never ever willingly being pregnant AGAIN!!!! Haha! But seriously, I'm not! So, it just happened to make the prospect of having a 4th child a little sweeter and new to find out we were not in fact going to be a family of 5 guys and me! Although I do kind of feel a little sorry for Ava seeing how overprotective her brothers already are, I really fear for any guys she may date in the future! But I digress... So there I was laying in my hospital bed just an hour and a half after I got to the hospital to be induced, and to my utter amazement I am in full blown, teeth clenching, tear enducing, toe curling, I wanna punch someone in the face labor! It was the weirdest feeling to be equal parts excited, and terrified because I was in the most pain I've ever experienced in my life, and trust me, that's sayin something!! Yes, I am a total wuss, and opted for the epidural even though I was progressing so fast I could have had her drug free. Dude, I have serious respect for you women who have your babes all natural cause there was no friggin way I was doing it if I had any kind of choice in the matter...and then it seemed like all of the sudden I was holding my sweet baby girl. I'll tell you true, my mind had been in an utter state of shock, terror, and worry about having a little girl, but there she was and she was mine, and I knew her. Sometimes I think I was crazy to want to willing subject myself to pregnany again especially after the very scary thing that I endured in the past, but when I looked at my sweet little girl for the first time, I knew her, and I knew I'd been waiting for her. So without further ado, here she is, our sweet Ava Grace all 7lbs 1oz, 22in of her adorable-ness for your viewing pleasure!


2011 in Rewind...

Ok, so I realize I'm lame, and haven't updated my blog in over a year, so I figure it's as good a time as any to update said blog. Well, lets see, where to start... Ok, here is a short recap of the things that have been happening over here....

Still working hard as ever over at the INL. He got to take a few trips this last year for work, he went to Houston a couple of times, Connecticut, and California. Sadly I did not get to tag along for any of these trips mostly due to the fact that now we have a child who has to be a school, how lame is that?! Lets see, what else... Ry also cut most of the trees down in our backyard this past summer (thanks again babe!) we have a plethora of quaken aspen trees, which I hate, so it was very nice of him to get rid of them. He also grew some disgustingly awesome facial hair for a few months, it was gross, and impressive all at the same time! He turned the big 3-0! Way to go babe! he wasn't all that impressed with being out of his 20's, but I think he's coming to terms with it! Haha! He finished his semester at school with really good grades, and is just working his hiney off in general!

Hum....Let's see, where to beging. Celiac, yep still got it! Beginning to be a better gf cook, which is awesome! Getting better at shopping gf, and not breaking our budget. I joined Gold's Gym, which is SO nice, because it was getting ridiculous trying to work out at home with 3 little annoy, I mean darling children who constantly need or want something, or are just bored, so they decide to punch eachother in the face or something. I turned 27, which feels pretty much like 26. I hosted lots of bday parties for my hubs and kids. We made it through 7 whole years of marriage, and are now trucking through 8 years :-)!! Oh yeah, and in case you didn't know, I got knocked up! Ha ha! We are due with little monster #4 on July 7, 2012! We are pretty dang excited about it!

Well lets see, Wyatt had his first year of t-ball, which was adorable and he loved! He started 1st grade, and is just the smartest little smartie pants on the block! He is reading at a 3rd grade level! He has grown like a weed! I can officially wear his shoes if I wanted to, which is sad for me considering that he's only 6! He is soon going to eat me out of house and home, let me tell you, they way he eats already makes me shudder for his teenage years! But he's just skinny! Honestly if I ate like him, I'd be 300lbs! And he's just tall, and skinny! He also had his first year of Jazz basketball this fall! It was the most adorable, and hilarious thing I've ever seen! He also loved it! His school does a program called the Literacy Luau, and there is a list of 41 books, and they give them 5 months to read the whole list, and if they do, they get to go to the Luau party near the end of the school year, yep my little over achiver read the whole list in 2 months, he would have had it read sooner, but I made him take it easy! Oh and he also wants me to mention he wants to be a dentist when he grows up!

Ah my Garrett boy! This kid sure keeps me on my toes! He turned 4 last year! He will be 5 in less than a month! Can you belive that?! He aquired quite a few more scars this year! Unfortunatly for him, and me, they are usually on his forehead! I swear, I don't beat him! I may think about it sometimes, but don't actually follow through, I swear! He also picked up some choice swear words that he also didn't learn from me, even though I kinda wish he had because then at least I'd know where he keeps getting them from, because I'm pretty darn sure they don't say such things on PBS. He's felt a little left out on the sports front this last year because they changed all their rules around here, and didn't have anything avaliable for 4 year olds, everyone had to be 5, lame... He learned to recognize all his letters and numbers this last year. Later than Wyatt, but it's much harder to do things like that the more kids you have running your life! He also has our phone #, our adress, our city and state all dizown! We may be ready for him to got to kindergarten this year after all! We are now working on writing his letter, but its been a challenge because he hasn't decided if he's left or right handed, and it's a huge pain in the rear!

Ah what is there to say about the current baby of the house.... well he turned 2 last summer, he had a fun bday party at Ross Park Aquatic. We got rid of the pacifier, moved into the same room as his big brothers, not because we don't have the room, but I didn't want him to be lonely. Transitioned the crib into a big boy bed. Will now sing his ABC's, which he absolutly refused to do for a while, just on the principle fact that you wanted him to. He went from being a sweet, quiet, snuggly baby, into a loud, tantrum throwing, bully, all around cranky 2 year old! We still love him to pieces, but his is definitly a terror!

The family in general:
Well lets see, this last year has been a spendy one for us! The car broke down a few times which is really inconveient being that its our only vehicle, the dishwasher broke twice, and then finally bit the final dust. Our main living room t.v. broke also. Wyatt missed 4 days of school with strep, a bronchial infection, and a double ear infection all at once (thankyou public school system for that one), Jett has had pnuemonia 4 times! Count em, 4! So you know what that means, a lot of chest x-rays! My poor EVO's screen cracked, and had to be replaced. And so on and so forth. But we also did have some fun stuff happen! We went camping at Warm River, even though the mosquitoes were thicker than mud, it was still a fun time! We had an awesome our little family only 4th of July picnic at Jensen's Grove, where we swam, I made tons of picnic food, we went for a walk, and I brought our little propane stove so when we watched the fireworks, we had one of those over the flame poopcorn things to enjoy, which the kids thought was AWESOME! We got a new neice this last summer Ruth Averi Allen, and she is just the cutest little monkey! And of course we found out this fall we are expecting our own little bundle of joy! This last year was definitly filled with a lot, and we are super excited for 2012 and the new challenges, and blessings we will get to enjoy!

Here are some photos to recap some of what happened in 2011: I put a list of the sequence of the pics, hope it makes it a little easier!

Jumpin on the bed at my birthday hotel from the inlaws,

Camping with the Gallegos' at warm river,

4th of July,

Wyatt's 1st day of 1st grade,

Jett's 2nd bday at the Idaho Falls zoo,

Wyatt's 6th Birthday,

Jett's 2nd bday party at Ross park,

Ryan's gross, I mean awesome facial hair,

Carving pumkins for Halloween,

Wyatt playing some Jazz bball,

Baby numero 4 is in my belly,

and Garrett's 4th birthday!