Tag, I'm it!

And I don't think I can think of 7 weird or interesting things about myself...I'm just not that interesting. But basically the rules are, I tell 7 weird/interesting things about myself and then tell 7 other people to do it and leave them a comment about it! Okay, here goes:

1. I hate summer....I know all of you out there are shaking your heads and thinking that I am a crazy loon, and maybe I am, call me crazy, but 110 in the shade is not my idea of awesome weather, I'd much rather be bundled up in one of Ryan's sweater and my slippers sipping hot chocolate and cuddling with my sweeties!

2. I am totally allergic to the active ingredient in Proactiv, and found out the hard way, and by this I mean I used it and ended up looking like Hitch for the next 3 days! I still have to laugh about it though, I was rather hilarious looking!

3. I am semi-vegitarian. I do eat a little meat sometime, but not very often and not usually red meat. It isn't a recent life style change either, I have always been this way. I also don't eat any form of seafood or eggs. Once again always been that way. Ryan thinks I'm crazy!

4. I was once told I would never concive children, and now I have two miracles to show the doctors that you can go to a million years of school and spend a million dollars doing it, but Heavenly Father's plan doesn't always follow text books!

5. I am an avid reader, and usually try to read one book a week more if I have time, and this passion has been passed on to my boys especially Wyatt who loves to read almost more than I do, and loves when I read him the book I am currently reading! He favorite so far has been Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, as I was reading it I was thinking "man this is morbid and definitly not fit for my 3 year old", but I figured he is still a little young to understand, and he loved all the action!

6. I am opposite of a pack rat and in turn throw everything away! It drives me crazy that Ryan keeps stuff that I feel is insignificant, and it drives him crazy that I throw stuff away he considers treasure! I just really hate clutter!

7. One my Allen side of the family I have something like 54 first cousins! My gradparents had 10 children and each in turn had large families, and I know most all of them very well, and my kiddos are friends with my cousins kids, and so on and so forth! I really love my big family!

And now for the tagging: Misty, Sara, Angela, Krista, Jessica, Keri and Kimber. Do it if you want, don't if you don't want to either way, I'll still love you all!
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Fun quiz in the excitment I am having for the movie to come out!!!!!!


Oh the places you go...or not....

So I figured it was time to give you all a little update, so here goes! I have been trying to put some posts up for the last few weeks, but nothing I did really worked out, and seeing as I am computer inept, it is all really self explanatory!

So we have been doing really well! Ryan has just been working away as a Reactor Operator, this is a new position for him, he still knows all his stuff about Fuel Handling, but this is like a promotion so we are stoked! I especially like it because he gets home so much earlier and usually has all weekends off, so we get to spend much more time together! He has also been put back into the Elders Quorum again, this is the second time in like six months. Let me explain, our ward is very small and is comprised of the nearly dead and newly wed, with the small bundle of somewhat established families. We only have like 3 or 4 deacons, but our nursery has like 20 kids! Anyway, he was in the Elders Quorum and then the president and his wife moved, so Ryan was then put in the Young Men's presidency, and then our Bishop moved so they re-did the Bishopric, and some of the Young Men's presidency went to the Bishopric, and now we have come full circle!

I have been hanging out at home with the boys mostly! Wyatt and I have been working on his preschool together, and I am amazed by how much he already knew! I opted to teach him myself this year mostly because I just couldn't stand to let my baby go grow up yet, and because I haven't really found a preschool here that I have wanted to send him to. So it has been a learning experience for the both of us. Lately I have just been trying to get all of our Christmas shopping done, and on the list of things to make or buy! I have also been getting the boys Halloween costumes ready! Wyatt said he wanted to be a scary ghost, so I decided to make Garrett one too! I also still have a few projects around the house to do, like painting our kitchen, and taking off the cabinet doors and sanding and refinishing them. I've also been pretty busy being in and out of the hospital, but I am feeling tons better, so hopefully that is done for a while at least!

Wyatt is just growing and learning like crazy! He is like I said doing his preschool with me, and coming along really great! We have been working on letter recognition, and he knows almost all of them! He does tend to get confused with the lower case letters because some of them look quite alot alike ex. b d q p. Those are mostly the ones he has a hard time with! He is also learning all his shapes! He already knew most, but there were still some to learn, he can draw circles, and we are trying to learn to draw squares now. He is also learning to color between the lines which he does really well, he just gets bored really fast with that one! He's also growing like a weed! He is only 3 and he wears a 5t or a size xs in big boy cloths! He also wears a size 10 shoe! It feels like every time I buy him a new pair he's already out grown them, and is needing a new pair! He also had his very first dentist appointment! He did so good! The dentist said that he had great teeth, and lots of space for his adult teeth to come in! He loves to floss too! I am also starting to give him chores around the house which he thinks is the coolest thing ever! I guess I better enjoy that one while he likes to do them! He has to pick up and organize his toys, make his bed, and he also helps out with unloading the dishwasher and vacuuming, and dusting! He is such a great helper! He's getting a lot better with hangin out with just Dad, when Mom's not around! He is such a mamma's boy, and I really worry about him sometimes. He literally goes into panic mode of he can't see me, but luckily he is getting a lot better lately!

Garrett is getting so big! He really drives me nuts a lot because he is so so busy, and not always in a good way! He loves getting into everything! He also loves to climb everything, which in turn gives him many bumps and bruises! He is so tough though, so he could have a concussion, and I'd never know because he would probably just cry a little and then go on his merry way! He is totally and utter opposite from Wyatt in that way because all I have to do is look and Wyatt and he is in tears! Garrett finally started getting some more teeth! His fangs are finally coming in! I hope they all come in together so he doesn't look all lopsided in the mouth! He is also on his 4th ear infection! So weird to me because Wyatt has only ever had one! He is also starting to speak words that I can actually understand! He said a lot before that I could understand, but now he's just talking up a storm! He just gabs all day long! He has also started to cuddle a little! He has NEVER been a cuddler, EVER! Even as a tiny baby he didn't like being held, which was really hard because he was so colicky, and cried all the time! I just love it when he sits on my lap and lets me snuggle him! He also loves Spiderman! He loves walking around the house talking about him, and playing with ever Spiderman toy he can find! He just cracks me up!

So that's what we've been up to! We are all really looking forward to Halloween and our yearly family home evening Halloween party with our friends! We are also excited for all the snow and Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years! This is my most favorite season of the year! I am also really looking forward to the Twilight movie to come out in November and Ry's 27th birthday! I hope you're all doing well!