I know I'm lame...but here are some pics from my Wyatt's 5th birthday

So one of the reasons I have taken SO long to do this post is because I'm having a hard time with my oldest baby being 5! Isn't it crazy to think that I have a 5 year old, who will be going to kindergarten in just a few short months! KINDERGARTEN!!!! AHHHHHHh! I can hardly believe that 5 years ago I became a mother for the very first time....It wasn't an easy pregnancy, and we had some pre-term labor, but we got him to an acceptable baking time, and they let me just go ahead and have him, it also helped that my water broke, and that he was in a little distress...not too much distress mind you, but enough to let them keep me, which was a good thing or I'd have been back an hour later when my water broke. There I was just 20 years old, the most scared and excited I've EVER been in my life, waiting, waiting for the miracle that is my Wyatt. Labor was hard, after 13hrs dilated to a 2 and the pit turned up as high as it would go they FINALLY gave me the blessed epidural, and just 5 short hours later there he was...perfect, and sweet...just one of the miracles my Father in Heaven has blessed me with, but I'll never forget that first time. Weighed and measured, cleaned and oogled by all those there, they finally gave me that sweet little spirit, and do you know what he did the first time I held him? He looked right into my eyes, and smiled! No joke! I held him and said "hello my son", and he looked right in my eyes and smiled at me! I guess it was a prediction of how in later months and years he would become, a sweet, happy, loving little mama's boy, through and through! The years have not always been easy. I am still learning daily on what it means to really be a mother, but Wyatt, it is you who has always made me want to be a mother a million times over! So before I get too mooshie, yes I am bawling my little eyes out as I write this, I'll give you all a little taste of what it means to be Wyatt:
-Wyatt LOVES to learn! He has always been an early at things I think should take longer, like writing, reading, knowing his letters, shapes, numbers, our phone number, the state we live in our hometown, ect...
-Wyatt is a very loving and attentive older brother...to Jett! Ha ha! He loves Garrett very much too, and they are very much best friends, but since they are so close in age, they are ALWAYS testing each others limits and boundaries!
-Wyatt's favorite food is Mac and Cheese
-He WILL NOT eat a hot dog, even if I payed him, he still wouldn't eat it!
-Wyatt is a very tenderhearted little boy, and if someone is upset or crying he is the first to be there asking what's wrong.
-Wyatt never gets sick, I can count on one hand and probably on 3 fingers the number of times he's ever been sick in his life!
-Wyatt is one tall little boy! He is coming in at 47in tall and 50lbs even these days, and wears a size 6/7 in little boys, and a size 13 shoe!
-Wyatt LOVES me to read with him, he would spend all day on my lap reading if I'd let him!
-Wyatt is a VERY picky eater, but I can't complain too much because I am to, so I guess I deserve it!
-Wyatt has a love for old cartoons, like bugs bunny, and stuff like felix the cat, or popeye, in fact he would rather watch the videos we have of them, then watch the cartoons that are on tv right now.
-Wyatt is mom's big helper and best bud, and follows me EVERYWHERE I go!
-Wyatt loves Ninja Turtles and Transformers
-Wyatt can write his name, both his brothers names, and pretty much any word I put in front of him. The words he knows from memory are Wyatt, Garrett, Jett, Mom, Dad, and I love you!
I guess I could just keep going on and on about my Wyatt, I could fill a book or ten on how special he is and how much we love him, and all the things he does awesome! I just want to finish up with saying that I love my sweet Wyatt more than he can ever imagine, and becoming his mother has changed my life so much! He has made me better in more ways than I can ever thank him for, and I am SO grateful that I lived my life in such a way that Heavenly Father blessed me with him. So Happy 5 years Wyatt, you are so special, and I'm SO glad you're ours!