Happy 3rd Birthday Wyatt!

So today is the official day that my baby is 3 years old! I won't deny that I have been secretly or not so secretly dreading this day since he turned 2! I just cannot believe how big he is getting! He has always, and will always be a miracle to me. See just a two years before I was telling the man who would eventually become my husband that there was little to no chance at all that I may become pregnant, and if we were to try that it would be a long, painful, and grueling process. I was so sad the night that I told him because I was sure that no man would ever want such damaged goods. Much to my surprise(which I now have no idea why I was so worried in the first place)he loved me anyhow! I still ask myself almost everyday how I got so lucky! Then just a year and a half after we became eternal companions we were granted the miracle that is Wyatt. The first time I looked into his beautiful blue eyes I knew that I would never doubt or take for granted the power of the priesthood, blessings, or my Father in Heaven. So many years I had asked the Lord in earnest prayer why he had given me such a painful and at times heartbreaking trial in life. And that day three years ago I got my answer. Because Nanci you would never know how much you would or could fully appreciate this moment now. I am so so thankful, and can never fully in any word express just how thankful I am for my two beautiful children. Wyatt has been such a light in many of my darker days, and will always be! We just love you Wyatt so much and can't imagine life without your extremely infectious laugh, your big dimple, the silly things that you say at very random moments, how eager you are to learn anything new, your love of reading, the way you eat a grilled cheese sandwich, how you love to mother your little brother, your sweet sensitivity, and the powerful love we see you have for all those you know. We thank our Heavenly Father everyday for your sweet spirit. Happy Birthday son! We love you!


Spiderman, Spiderman....

Here are the pics from Wyatt's third birthday party! He won't actually be 3 until the 29th, but due to circumstances we decided to do the party this weekend, I was really afraid that no one would be able to come seeing as it is a holiday weekend, but surprisingly we had a really good turn out! Wyatt had a great time with his friends and cousins and loved his cake and cupcakes and his Spiderman pinata! It was so much fun, and I can't believe my baby is turning 3! He is such a big boy! Who knew that almost three years ago after 9 months of terrible pregnancy, 18 hours of hard labor and one little cry we'd be here now. I knew from the beginning that raising Wyatt would be a challenge. From the time I took that pregnancy test to now it has been a constant battle of wills! I am so proud of him! He has really grown into a very smart and somewhat obedient little boy! I can't believe how blessed I am to have such a sweet, caring, and sensitive little spirit in my home, I really couldn't ask for more than what I've been blessed with! We love you Wyatt, here's to the next 3 years and many more after that!


A exciting new addition!

Ok peeps! ha! So the Archibald's have yet another grandson! That leaves the tally at grandsons 4 granddaughters 0! Ahhhhh! So my brother in law Jake and his beautiful lady Sylvia welcomed Keaton Douglas Archibald yesterday May 20, 2008 at 9:45ish pm! He weighed in at a whopping 6 lbs 8 oz and 18 3/4 inches long! I know all of you out there are saying "wow that is a little baby" but I am here to tell you that for teeny tiny Syli that is a HUGE baby! She is so small! He has a head full of dark hair and looks just like his mommy! He is just SO SO cute! We are so glad to have Sylvia and Keaton in our family we just love them so much! They will be in the hospital for a few more days because Keaton was 4 weeks early, but I'll try to get over there again soon so I can take so pictures of him! I forgot my camera! Of course! Yeah for new babies! He is so adorable it made me think I wanted another one right now! Almost....! Ha!


A very eventful weekend!

So we have a very exciting and eventful weekend! First it all started off and Thurs., which was Madison's 6th birthday! Can you believe that she is already 6?! Well, Krista, Madison, and myself started out the day with a little bit of pampering at our Aunt Annie's hair salon, then headed to a girls day out filled with some shopping and lunch! Then we headed to Pocatello for Madi's tea party birthday! It was a lot of fun, and the kids had a great time! Then Friday afternoon we headed to good ole Farmington, UT for a trip to Lagoon! Madi was having a dance competition, so we spent most of the next morning watching her dance away! She was so cute, and so good at all her dances! Then we all went to ride the rides! It was SO much fun! Dad, Marcus and yours truly went on the skycoaster as a little jump back in time, we did it like 7 or 8 years ago, and I was just as freaked this time as I was then! But it was all fun in the end! Wyatt thought it was the best day of his life when he got to ride the "puff the magic dragon" roller coaster, and he even spread his wings for the occasion putting his arms up in the air! SO cute! Later that evening we went and watched the dancers Krista and Brian have been teaching the last few months! They were AWESOME! Krista and Brian choreographed some super awesome dances! Good job guys! Well talk to ya'll later!