Another 5 weeks older, blessing day, 2 months old, pumpkin patch, and carvin em up! In no particular order and LOTS of pics!

So, yes it has been yet another 5 weeks since I have posted! Sorry! Having three little boys sure does keep me busy! The laundry alone would have me held up in the confines of my house if it weren't for the help of Ryan! So my sweet little Jett is now 10 weeks old! I can't believe how fast time is flying by! It seems like just yesterday I was a miserably fat pregnant woman with a sweet baby boy kicking me from the inside! Now he is 2 months, demanding his cow whenever he feels need and cute as a button! We had him blessed on Oct.11th and were SO grateful for all our family and friends who made it out for his special day! I won't include any pictures of that yet because he was a little grumpy and he is crying in every picture, so I am going to put him back in the suit and take some new "happy" baby pics, I hope! :)

This year we were determined to find a pumpkin patch to take the boys to, because we have failed at finding one every year! But low and behold this year we finally found a few! It was freakin freezing, so we didn't wander around too much, but the boys had a blast finding their pumpkins while Jett slept away in the warm confines of the car! Then last night for family night we let the boys "paint" their pumpkins with permanent markers while Ryan and I carved up the big ones, and then the boys helped pull all the pumpkin guts out(which they thought was really cool!)and pick out the seeds so that we could have a delicious snack of baked pumpkin seeds! Yum! Jett was the ever patient observer while we worked away! So that is what's been happening in our neck of the woods! Happy Halloween! More pics to come after the festivities! Love you all!