Major blog overload on our newest member Jett Isaac!!!

Ok, so bare with me, and check out all the post on our exciting newest adventure Jett! There are several post on him and then one on what lead us up to that point! Sorry it took so long, but here it finally is, so enjoy! We love you all!
Ryan, Nanci, Wyatt, Garrett and Jett!

Hospital stay and going home!

Here are a few pics of the next few days in the hospital, Jett the glow worm (in his bili blanket), and going home FINALLY!!!

Everyone meets baby Jett!

Here is all our guest that first night to meet Jett!


Here we are ready to finally make our introductions....Blog friends here we have

Jett Isaac
Born August 17, 2009
6lbs 14 oz

I am so relieved and grateful that he is finally here. Now here is the story of his quick, and somewhat frightening entry into the world, and the aftermath.... So I have been more than miserable this pregnancy which you all know, but the last month was extremely brutal. Finally on Sunday the 16th at about 8:00pm, we headed up to the hospital because I could no longer handle the painful contractions I was experiencing and trying to convince myself that they were just braxton hicks, I just couldn't ignore them anymore. So they hooked me up to all their gadgets and gizmo's. Had me do all the norm like pee in a cup because the nurse thought I must just have a UTI since it was nearly a month to my due date. Then they put me on the blood pressure machine, and that's when everything went crazy! My blood pressure was through the roof, and the contractions were coming about every 3-5 minutes. My awesome new doctor came shortly thereafter. She wanted to just keep me there overnight to see if we couldn't get the contractions and blood pressure under control, she checked my cervix and it was dilated to a 2 and very very soft. She said she'd come in first thing in the morning, she wanted to consult with a college about my weirdo symptoms other than the blood pressure. She came in very early in the morning after a very long night for me, I didn't sleep at all! She said that she had talked to her college, and they had decided that they needed to get this labor going and get the baby here as soon as he would come. She said that they had agreed on the fact that I had developed late onset Preeclampsia, and it was progressing at a very rapid rate, they had done blood tests and my liver was already starting to fail. So I of course started bawling, actually I think I was bawling before that, but when she told me this news it go a lot worse! All these thought started running through my mind, like would I be there to watch my boys grow up? Was Jett going to be healthy at 4 weeks early? Would we be able to take him home? Would he have lifelong complications because he hadn't baked long enough? So they had to do a lot more tests and get me situated so the pitocine didn't get put into my IV until about a little after noon, then we waited a little while and about 2 they came in and gave me an epidural, no really wasn't in excruciating pain or anything, but as with my previous pregnancies, I wasn't dilating until they gave me the epidural, as soon as it had kicked in at 2:30ish I was already at a 3, and then at 3:30 my water broke. That's when it got really exciting. I had just closed my eyes for a little nap and the nurse came in and said, hey I need to check ya, the baby's heart did that dip thing it does after a contraction when you are about ready to push. I was like ok, so at 4 she checked me and I was at and 7, they called the dr and told her she needed to get there right away since I was progressing at such a rapid rate. So my doc got on her way, and they had the epidural guy come in and dose me up again to see if it would help in slowing down the progression. It really didn't but it did make the bottom half of my body as well as the top half go numb, and I could barely lift my arms they were so heavy! Kinda humorous now, but at the time it was REALLY annoying! So at about 4:30 the nurse came in again and checked me and I was fully dilated and the baby's head was descending down into the birth canal, there was just a tiny lip of skin holding him in! She had me lay on my side to see if that would help, did I mention the dr had to drive 30 miles or so to get to the hospital! Anywho they started getting me all set up at about 4:40, the doc came in at 4:45ish and Jett was born at 4:50 exactly! They had the respiratory therapist there and waiting for baby, but he came out a screamin, and healthy as a little horse! An awesome weight and length for a month early too! Could you imagine how freakin big he'd have been if I'd have gone full term?! So the next few days we spent in the hospital were because of me. We got there on Sunday, and left on Thursday. I am now on some blood pressure meds for a little while, and my liver has leveled off and the rest of me is on recovery! Wyatt and Garrett love baby Jett SO SO much, and I couldn't ask for more!

All the Happenings....

So, sorry I haven't blogged the last few months, but I have been very sick and miserable, and trying to find things to do with the boys to keep my mind off of being pregnant, while Ryan's been working like crazy! So, here is what we've been up to.... We've been finishing up Wyatt's soccer, we went huckleberry picking, we met our friends new and adorable baby Daxtin, and went and fed the ducks! I know some of you have been begging to see a preggie pic of me, so the one of me feeding the ducks is the best you are gonna get of the pregnant whale-ish-ness!