Tag I'm it so that means you probably will be soon to!

Ok Kimber I'll bite and do the stupid tag, so here goes...

1. Each player starts with 8 random habits/facts about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write a post on their blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. At the end of the post you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.

Here are my 8 random facts/habits/emotionally disturbing pieces of information:

1. I am completely ocd, about pretty much everything, when things don't happen the way I think they should I start to get really panicked. Things like the laundry and the dishes have to be done in a certain order or it freaks me out! I am also insane about the boys bath routine it drives Ryan up the wall! And bedtime, the way and order the house is cleaned, ect, ect... My list could seriously go on forever so if you think something is weird, I probably do it!

2. I have more than the average fear of spiders, once when I was prego with Wyatt there was a hobo spider crawling down the side of the wall into my bed, and I had an extreme hysterical panic attack, with chest pains uncontrollably crying and in general a very stupid freak out, Ryan still thinks I am the worlds craziest person!

3. I love to create new things! It doesn't really matter what it is it could be a new variation on a favorite dish, a scrapbook for my boys, differently shaped cakes, new jammies for my kidos, I love to teach myself how to be a better cook, seamstress, cake decorator, gift giver, and memory maker!

4. I love love love action packed movies! Not horror necessarily, but movies like Spiderman, The Hulk, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Hellboy, Batman, Superman, anything that has a lot of butt kicking, or science fiction! I know I should have been born a very dorky boy, and don't get me wrong I love a good romantic comedy, but those I rent, it's the action packed man movies that I want to go see in the movie theater, and if it has a love story line to go a long with all the butt-kicking that's even better! I'm just a sucker for a happy ending!

5. I never wanted to be a cheerleader when I was a kid, I always wanted to be in the choir, I am such a nerd, but I would have taken choir for every subject if they'd have let me, and pretty much my entire senior year was spent in the choir room. I think I had 4 classes in that room that year because I was also an aid in the all girls choir and in guitar class along with my two choir classes I was in! And someday when I grow up I am still hoping to make it to Broadway! Yeah right but I can still dream eh?!

6. I am one of the nursery leaders in our ward and I love it! It cracks me up that when people find out that that is my calling and they start to give me the oh I am so sorry speech because I don't think I have ever had a calling that I love so much! There is just something so rewarding when you are at the store or somewhere like that and you see one of your little kids and they are so excited to see you, or when there is a kid that hates to go to nursery and then they decide they love you and want to go now! I just love it!

7. My favorite alone pass time is to read. I love a good book series that I can devour! I can read a whole series in as little as a week. It drives Ryan nuts when I find a new collection that I love! He doesn't like to read so he doesn't understand how I could get so obsessed with a book that I even dream about the book when I'm not reading it! He thinks he gets neglected in these times when I find a good book! And he probably does!

8. I am a complete an total klutz! I always have bruises everywhere, and I never remember how I got them because I run into, trip, slip, and fall so much that I can't keep track of when I did what, and where it hurt me! And it seems so far that my silly baby boy has inherited this clumsy trait from his dear mom, a trait that I hope he grows out of!

Ok, I tag: Ange, Jess, Erin, Krista, Misty, Sara, Keri, and Kara hope you enjoyed!

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