Five Years, and an Eternity to come!

Five years ago today my sweetheart took me to the temple and made me his for eternity. I can't even begin to describe how I felt that day! You see I was never going to be "that" girl who got married just a year or two out of high school, I had a plan, and I intended on sticking to it. I guess that's what I got for having a "plan" huh?! But I can truly tell you it was and is still the best decision that I have ever made! I'm not going to sit here and tell you that all 5 years have been nothing but wedding bliss because that would be a lie. We have had our ups and downs, our trials, our seemingly never ending illnesses, our losses, and triumphs, miracles and tribulations. There is one thing that we have never been at a lack of, and that is love! And I guess in the end that is all we will ever need! So thank you Ryan for being patient, loving, helpful, worried, hardworking, passionate, irritating, stubborn, and just you because all of those things are what makes me love you more than the day I married you! Thank you for giving me two sweet, energetic, and sometimes exhausting little boys, and for putting up with my physical, and emotional breakdowns and for making my life better than I ever thought it could be! I love you!


Angela Frasure said...

Congrats! We did get married close together- can you believe its been five years though?! Wow!

Cheryl said...

congratulations! What cute pictures!!