Boys meet Girl, and some other people meet her too!

So this is going to be a picture post, which I'm sure you're all grateful for! I'm not sure in which order these will come out, hopefully how I want them, I'm not very computer able. Anyway, I'll say that the boys absolutly adore their little sister! They have all been the best helpers with her and kiss her about a million times a day, get overprotective when she cries, argue over who gets to hold her and take he diapers to the trash, and tell me several times a day how cute she looks, how beautiful she is, and how much they love her! Our other friends and family members love her too!!


MegJill said...

Looks like little Ava has a lot of people who love her!
I loved reading about how she came into the world, although I don't know how you could stand being in labor for over a month!!! That is just crazy! I bet your thankful there was such a cute little bundle at the end to make all the sickness and pain worth it. :)
Congratulations again!

Misti said...

She is so adorable!! Congrats, it's so fun to have a sweet little girl in your home!