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-Age of baby/babies?3 years 3 months, and 1 year 6 months

Wyatt Ryan and Garrett Edward

-Birthdays?Wyatt-May 29, 2005 Garrett-February 25, 2007

-Time of birth?Wyatt-5:28 PM, Garrett-6:45 AM

-How long did labor last?
Wyatt-18 hours, Garrett-6 hours

-How long did you push?Wyatt-1 1/2 hours, Garrett- about two or three pushes, so like 8 minutes.

-How much did your baby(ies)weigh?Wyatt-8lbs 2oz, Garrett-7lbs, 6oz

-Any hair?
They both had a head full of dark brown hair. Not tons, but a head of it.

-Who does your baby(ies)look Like?Both of my boys look exactly like their daddy in different ways. Wyatt is the exact copy of Ryan now, but Garrett looks a lot like Ry as a younger version. But they look a lot like each other as well.

-Be honest...how much weight did you gain?With Wyatt I gained 18 pounds, and with Garrett 12 pounds. But I'm sure if I hadn't puked my guts out the entire 9 months with both of them it would have been a lot more!

-Was baby(ies)early or late?Both boys were two weeks early. Wyatt was 14 days early, and Garrett 15 days early.

-How many baby showers did you have?2 they were both with Wyatt, none with Garrett

-Did you breastfeed?Yes, both boys for 5 months each, I would have done it longer if I could have, but too many surgeries and drugs means sick babies.

-Who keeps your baby(ies) the most?I do mostly, Ryan & I too when he's home, and if we need a sitter, usually our parents take them.

-When do you wanna have another?We're planning for sometime in the next year or so.

-How did you know it was time to go the hospital?
My water broke both times, I was at the hospital the first time with Wyatt because they had been attempting to stop labor but that changed plans, but with Garrett I was at home alone, just me and Wyatt because Ry was working grave-yards then, so I got up changed cloths ect... and drove myself to the hospital. Ryan met me there a couple of hours after I got there.

-Anyone spend the night with you first night home?Nope, neither time, just me and Ry with Wyatt, and just me Ry, and Wyatt with Garrett. We had lots of visitors throughout the weeks though.

-Did you cry the first time you held your baby(ies)?
I don't think so... I think I was too ecstatic both times, but I could be wrong... I don't remember.

- Who cut the cord(s)?

-Where was the baby(ies)born?
Wyatt-Portneuf Medical in Poky, and Garrett-Bingham Memorial in Blackfoot, I don't think I'd ever have another baby anywhere else then Bingham though WAY better experience!

-Did you record the labor?
Heck no! Although it seems like there were enough people there to witness that it really wouldn't make a difference either way! Ha!


Angela Frasure said...

P.S. I totally think Garrett looks like you, not Ryan!

Murray Clan said...

You're such a good mom, it's like it is the easiest thing in the world for you... a natural! xo