Sometimes there not always as you expect.

Kids are so funny. I especially think that mine are funny, brilliant, adorable, you know pretty much the cutest kids ever born, but then again I am very biased, and I am sure you all think the same of yours! It just cracks me up on how they never do what you expect them to! Since the day I found out I was pregnant for the first time, I knew my kids would never have a love for the things I cherish most. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love music in any form. I am an avid musical lover as well as classical music, alternative, country, r&b, pretty much most forms of music. It has always moved me how much you can express through music. While I was was pregnant with Wyatt I was involved in several music groups, and church singing activities. Ryan and I are seriously living proof that opposites attract because we are completely and utterly different in our passions in life. He is an avid sports enthusiast, and is very gifted in physical activities. I on the other hand always loved to dance, but am a serious marshmallow. I am the thorn in the side of any sport! I am seriously athletically challenged! So since we only have boys I naturally assumed that they would be just like their daddy in the sense of interests. Much to my surprise and Ryan's, Wyatt has proved to far to very much follow in the footsteps of his mother! It really cracks me up because he is built like a line backer! He is only three and wears 5t or an extra smally size in the young boys section. He is more than half my height and weighs 45 pounds! He's not chubby anymore, and is a skinny little whelp, but man you pick that kid up and he is solid! Any here he is my husband's little line backer singing show tunes with his mama! Ha ha! He loves musicals, and any movie that has a lot of music! I guess there's no saying what he will do in the future, I'm sure he'll love both because Ryan is such an athletic guy, but it really amuses me that Wyatt so far shares my passion for music! I'd like to think that it's because I sang so much while prego, and I sing to my kidos all the time to, but who knows! And the really funny thing is that Garrett is the exact polar opposite! He likes music, and dancing, but he loves sports! He loves balls of any kind, and throws EVERYTHING! It drives me absolutely bananas! He already knows the difference between a football, basketball, and baseball! He also loves golf as well! This little 1 year old boggles my mind! I'm anxious to see what there interests will end up being in a few years?! And also very interested to see if we ever do have a girl what she'll be interested in. Well I just hope there all very well rounded, and with parents like Ry and I, it seems like they will be!

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Mark and Kristen said...

I just wanted you to know that I really liked this post! Kids are just so funny, aren't they?? I am excited to see what our little one will be interested in when she is older. How fun!