Now here's my explination!

Ok, so know that I've officially done it, now I'm prepared to give explanation! Ok, so over the past 3 years since I have had this blog, I have heard countless horror stories! One friend of mine actually came across a website that had taken pictures of her son off of her blog and posted them on their website! I don't actually know how she came across the photos, but that is a little more than frightening to me! Also another friend had someone post an "anonymous" comment about us stupid Mormons and our political, ethical, and religious views that in my opinion was neither true or accurate, and extremely uncalled for and inappropriate! So I have decided that I want only people I choose viewing photos of my boys and making inappropriate comments on my blog! And those two incidents that I mentioned have not been the only two of their kind that I have heard of! And also since I like my friend who had the bad experience with the commenter am outspoken about what I believe is right, and if I want to write about it on my personal blog, I am going to! So I am sorry for the inconvenience! And that is my rant for the day!


Kimber said...

Don't blame you! Unfortunately for me, I use my kids as models for the business, so their lil faces are plastered all over the internet! Did not think that part of the plan through when I started the business up!
Yep, lots o' mo mo haters out there too right now. Fun for us!

Angela Frasure said...

Hey Nanci I miss your posts. Where are you?!