Halloween time fun!

So we had our usual Halloween time routine again this year, and the boys had a blast! Wyatt was really into the trick or treating this year, and he was so cute! Garrett hated getting his picture taken, but loved all the attention and candy! We had a good time carving pumkins and decorating cookies with our cousin Gia who is Wyatt's best friend! All in all a good holiday! Thanksgiving and Christmas here we come!


Rosa said...

So we are going to a huge Twilight Premiere party here in Pocatello, they had some stuff about it on the news. But if you are intereseted email me and I will get you more details they have a few tickets left. rosasherman@gmail.com

Cheryl said...

Those are some pretty scary looking guys!! Looks like a party!!

Murray Clan said...

Your costumes were awesome, so glad we saw you at Doug & Shelly's! xo