Wyatt's 1st soccer practice!

So here are some pics from Wyatt's 1st ever soccer practice! It was seriously one of the cutest things I have EVER witnessed! So funny to watch a handful of 4 year olds and one 5 year old playing soccer! Ryan and his best friend Dave are the coaches for the team and so that means that Wyatt and his best buddy Brysin are on the same team! Garrett is definitely having big brother sports envy at the moment, and wanted to play with the big boys SO bad! It is going to be such a challenge that he has to wait 2 more years before he can play any sport at all! I have a feeling he is going to drive me nuts!!! Such a cute thing to watch! I can't wait for their first game!!!


Murray Clan said...

Go Wyatt Go! What nights do they play, it would be cute to see them?? Poor Garrett, waiting is so tough, but totally awesome once they can play!

MegJill said...

Way to go, Wyatt! Aiden loves soccer too. And you're right. It is so adorable watching them play!