Jett at 3 months...

Here is my sweet little Jett! I can hardly believe that he is already 3 months old! These last 3 months have been the most trying and most wonderful months of my life! Having 3 kids is a big adjustment! It really has been a lot smoother than I anticipated though! Jett is the best baby! He is so calm and quiet most all of the time! We love him so so much and are truly blessed by having his sweet little spirit in our home. Here are a few fun facts about our boy!
-He loves his mama! Whenever I walk into the room, he hears me and looks for me, and when I talk to him he instantly starts to smile!
-He started sleeping through the night last week! A heaven send, let me tell ya! My first to do so before the age of 1!
-He has such a happy demenor! He's content to just chill out on the floor, or be held be his brothers or his mom or dad, or really anyone who'll hold him!
-He may have been my smallest baby born, but is quickly catching up to where his brothers were at this age!
-He still sleeps in our room, cause I can't bare to part with him just yet!
-He loves his brothers and smiles so big when they come near him!
-He "talks" all day long, and loves to tell ya a good story!
-He'll take a bottle, boob, anything really as long as it has food at the other end! ha ha!

As you can see we all love him so much!!


The Garvin's said...

what a cute baby!

Murray Clan said...

Oh my goodness, his grin is absolutely adorable!! He's growing so fast with all that extra love!!

Mabeys said...

He's so cute! It's crazy how much they can change in the first few months! Love you guys - give your parents hugs for me, k?

Phillip and Maggi said...

Congrats on the now 3 month old baby (sorry better late than never) He is a doll! Makes me think it might be worth being pregnant all over again; that is a pretty big might though!