Alright, so I'll come out of my self imposed blog exile and post what's been going on...(long enough title for ya?)

Well, I've decided it's time to update the blog, I have no idea how many of you out there in blogland actually read or care about this blog, but oh well! So we have had quite a lot going on here in our home over the last few months! We are going to be signing Wyatt up for Kindergarten tomorrow, and I am having a wee bit of anxiety and A LOT of emotion about the whole ordeal! I can't believe that my bubba is old enough to go to Kindergarten! I'll tell you what though, it makes me feel entirely TOO old and entirely TOO young to have a boy old enough to go to school. I'm sure going to miss my big helper boy! So here's the scoop on Wyatt! He is reading a little, knows all his shapes, colors, letters, numbers, animals, yada yada yada! I feel he is just a little too smart for his britches sometimes! He is still growing like a weed, and I can hardly keep up with cloths and shoes for the boy! He wears a size 6/7 in pants and shirts, and a size 13 shoe! Just remember people, he is only 4! He'll turn 5 the end of May. He loves math and science. And is my complete emotional clone! He is nurturing, loving, sensitive, sweet, and extremely protective. Unfortunately, he also has the temper of a raging bull. Like I said, my complete emotional clone! Hey, I gotta take what I can get here, since they all look nothing like me, there's gotta be something of me in them, right?!
Garrett is also learning and growing! He just had his 3rd birthday, and that was incredibly hard for his mama! He is really going to miss Wyatt when he goes to school, and is already telling me that he wants to go to Kindergarten too! I think he is going to feel a little abandoned when Wyatt's gone during the day. This will be the first time that either of them can remember, that the other will be gone for a few hours a day. They have never been without each other. Garrett is now starting to learn his shapes and letters, but has his colors down pat! He actually knows most of his shapes, but gets impatient with me about his letters! He is the complete opposite of his older brother in the sense of sitting quietly and coloring or "reading" a book, and would much rather be throwing a ball, digging in the dirt, wrestling and of course his favorite..."break dancing"! I have NO idea where he picked it up, but it's hilarious, and loves to do it for an audience! It is the highlight of my day when he will just sit still on my lap for a little and tell me he loves me and gives me his precious kisses!
Jett is also growing like a little weed! He is now 7 months old, and is the apple of our eye! Well, the smallest of the apples anyway! :) He is just a tiny thing, NOT! He is 20lbs, and wearing a lot of 12 month sized clothing! He has some chubs, but he is REALLY long coming in at a mere 29 inches! He has two teeth, and even though Ryan will NEVER admit it to anyone, Jett occasionally says "mama"! He can roll over, but mostly chooses not to because his brothers will give him anything he wants, so who wants to spoil a sweet set-up like that?! Smart kid! He can also sit up, and at the mo is sick as a dog! Poor baby! He LOVES all food, and is the happiest baby on earth! Well at least for us! He has already had his first haircut, and sadly with it went his black locks! Made me cry! He is the spitting image of Garrett, but has a much softer temperament, Garrett is quite the spitfire! We love him SO much and wouldn't trade him for anything!
Ryan and I are doing great! Ryan has been working SO hard lately so he hasn't been home much the last few weeks, but he trys to do as much at home as he can while he's here, and he spends all the spare time he has with the boys and me! Right now we are just waiting on our new carpet to come in and then they'll have it installed within a week or so after that! I am STOKED!!!! We need it SO bad, and I can hardly wait! Other than that, not much has been going on!


Lisa said...

I read your blog! Wish we lived closer because Wyatt sounds like a perfect clone of Kirk as well! And they must be super close in age - Kirk's bday is May 31. Anyway - sounds like a lot of fun going on in your world! Good luck in that home full of boys!

Nanci said...

Really! Yeah Wyatt's birthday is May 29th! That's crazy!

Phillip and Maggi said...

Wow it sounds like you've been quite the bust lady! I can't believe you have a baby starting school! I feel like we just got out of school. O yeah that was almost 10 years ago... :)

Angela Frasure said...

I care about your blog!!! But I know how you feel, especially after putting together timely posts and then getting zero feedback. It was a fun update, you're such a cute mom. We are so old!! And carpet, yay- that's always fun!