Ode to Ryan!

So I'd like to also put a little ode out there to my wonderful and loving husband. So here is everything I can think of that makes you so special to me.

I love the way you make me laugh in the middle of an argument even if I was so mad a second before it's hard to be angry when I'm laughing so hard!

I love how you are obsessed about us being and active family, which without I am sure I'd be a hundred pounds heavier!

I love how you always say everything I cook is delicious even though I know it was gross.

I love that you knew I was the one for you, even with all my attempts to let you know I wasn't.

I love how you waited for me to figure out you were the one for me even after all my thwarted attempts.

I love how when I did finally figure out you were the one for me you let me squirm a little bit, and then took me with open arms!

I love that you totally tricked me in your proposal, and I seriously had no clue that you were going to ask me to marry you.

I love that you designed my wedding ring all by yourself, and didn't even ask for my imput.

I love that you still wanted me even though we didn't know if we would be able to have children.

I love that on our wedding day I was the one freaking out wanting to get out of there, and when I saw how calm and excited you were it made me want to stay with you.

I love that you took me to the temple to be your eteranl companion, in that wanted to keep me for eternity.

I love that when we first found out we were having a baby you wanted to get another job because you didn't want me to work, I didn't let you!

I love that you went with me to every doctors appointment when I was pregnant with both of our boys!

I love that everytime I've had to be hospitalized you are always there right by my side holding my hand.

I love that the one time I had to have surgery and you couldn't get off work that you drove down on your lunch break and was in the recovery room when I woke up just so you could kiss me and then head back to work.

I love how much you love to teach our boys to play sports and wrestle! Even though they are constantly tackling me and I'm not as good and sturdy as you are!

I love that you honor your preisthood, and that you were able to bless both of our beautiful children!

I love that our boys both look just like you! Even though I complain that they look nothing like me and I did all the work, I really do love to see your face in both of them.

I love that you let me sleep on the right side of the bed even though that's the side that you like.

I love that you do the dishes so that I don't have to.

I guess I could just go on and on forever, but mostly I just want to say I love you Ryan, and I couldn't ask for a better husband and father. You and our kids are the best things that ever happened to me, and I don't think I could ever thank our Heavenly Father enough for blessing me so much! I love you!


Cheryl said...

Ahhhhhhh! That is beautiful!! I'll just go grab some tissues now!!

Murray Clan said...

Too cute, at least we know you like each other! :-) xo

Misti said...

Ryan is such a great guy! You are too cute!

the longmores said...

Super cute! It sounds like your hubby is well appreciated!