We need the FUNK (well not me...)

Ok, so I don't know about the rest of my fellow bloggers out there, but I have been in a total and utter funk lately. I don't know if it's the weather or just the impending doom of life falling upon me. Doesn't it just seems like when it rain it pours in a very literal sense lately. Ryan and I are no different. It seems like just as soon as we get everything in order, it all falls back out of place again. Like the fact that we are just now beginning to get medical bills that are from January! AHHHHH! And of course they are not just little ones, they are the big ones that make you shake in your boots! And then everything got screwed up with our house payments, and we are still in the process of fixing that, which was not our fault in the first place, but seems to be that we have to fix it anyway. It makes me miss the days of renting when you didn't have to worry about homeowners exemptions, hazard insurance, and mortgage brokers. Don't you just ever feel too young to be dealing with all this stuff, that this is a grown ups job, but then you realize that you are supposed to be the grown up. Not to mention the fact that just now my face is deciding to go through it's adolecense, hey guess what face, I've got news for you, your about a decade late! What is the deal here people! Poor Ryan just looks and shakes his head yes to all my rantings, what a great guy huh?! And not to mention the fact that it is now officially June, and it is raining cats and dogs like everyday! I mean the rain wouldn't be bad if it was at least warm, but seriously! And then to cap it all off I caught the cat trying to eat my glofish! I mean I couldn't help myself from cracking a smile, but I was still mad. She had almost her entier front of her body in the 20 gallon tank! Ha! I guess it is a little hilarious! Then yesterday I had to take Garrett in for his 15 month appointment which ment shots, and let me tell you his is more than grouchy today, and I don't really blame him! They gave him 4 shots! Poor baby! And he is getting molars already! So that isn't really uplifting his mood either. I also am feeling like I spend more then 8 hours a day picking up after my family! Which I understand is like my lot in life, but seriously! The kidos have a toy room, but inevitably the toys end up everywhere! Do you think it's too early to send them to boarding school! Just kidding, but seriously! Ha! Sorry it seems like I am just totally complaining, and I am, but like I said I'm in a funk! Well, there is my venting, if any of you have anti-funk solutions let me know!


Angela Frasure said...

Sorry, no solutions, just a little empathy. I have those angry meltdowns about once or twice a month. Danny kind of forces me to snap out of it with his laid back, stressless attitude. He makes my GIGANTIC problems seem so small when he assures me that everything will be fine. And even though I don't believe him because I know he can't guarantee anything, he kind of gives me perspective by showing me the big picture of the important things that ARE going well for us. I know you don't wanna hear this, but sooner or later, you'll recognize this same thing. But wouldn't it be nice to be a man and not stress ever?! Oh yah, and thanks for reminding me I have 2 credit card payments due!

Jessica Adams said...

Dito to what Ange said! Plus I always think of how much worse it could be! For instance I hate working! It is so irritating to me that I am pretty much the only one(this is what it feels like) that has to do it! Then I keep thinking 3 more years and I won't have to! Then I think at least Gracie is going to my mom's and not a Daycare that has too many kids to focus on any one of them! Plus the weather sucks! This makes it extremely hard for me to be positive! I just keep chuggin along! PS I ran into your mom at the Shavers the other day! I was a little stressed and barely recognized her! :)

Erin L said...

I know what you mean. I don't have any solutions either, but it does seem like everything has to be dealt with all at once, doesn't it. Or you know you felt good about a certain decision and then things don't turn out at all like you were expecting. We are going through that right now. And to think we couldn't wait to grow up!

the longmores said...

Sorry about some of the bummers. I'm sure things will get much, much better! I love your new picture on the top as well. Your boys are such cuties. I'm just sure our boys would have a blast playing together.

Cheryl said...

You sound like me 20 years ago! Believe me, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. (There are always other things coming up though!)

Solutions? Are there any? Just keep plugging along and doing your best! Enjoy each day with the little ones. There will be a day when there will no longer be any toys to pick up and you will look back and long for today. Really!

You're an awesome Mom! Enjoy it!

Lots of love!!