Life's little moments.....

So Garrett was being really fussy, and asked to be put on his bed, so I obliged, and he was crying and boobing for a few minutes and then he got quite so I went in to check on him and he wasn't on his bed anymore so I went and looked in the living room to see if he was in there watching cartoons with Wyatt, and he wasn't so I went in his room again, and with a little investigation this is what I found:

Apparently he was tired! I store blankets and our luggage and bags under his bed and he had pulled some of them out and was laying on the rest! I think he went searching under there for and extra pacifier and just fell asleep in the attempt! He is just so cute! I'm glad I thought to calm down and go look for him again cause when I couldn't find him at first I started to panic a little. Anyways, a cute story to go along with such a cute boy!

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Murray Clan said...

Oh... that is really cute! So small to sleep under there :)